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Re-Imagine Great Speaking.

Celebrity Vocal Coach Matt Kramer built a foundation around rock solid technique, dedication to training, and capturing lightning in the microphone and on the stage. 

Your speaking voice conveys as much about you as do your words. Your confidence, your humor, your emotion, and your ability to maintain an audience’s attention depend not only on your content, but also on your delivery. In fact, a powerful and/or beautiful speaking voice can have tremendous influence on the people who hear it.

We work with executives, salespeople, lecturers, and anyone who wants to maximize the impact of their speech and the power of their message. From accent modification, proper intonation, cadence, clear enunciation, breathing, and getting your voice to carry, we can help you control your voice and the effect it has on your audience. We can also help you with your stage presence.

Audition Coming Up?

Preparing for a TV show? College Audition? Political Debate?  We have prepared hundreds of our clients helped sharpen their edge for stellar auditions. for college Auditions leading to scholarships and Top Finalists on Network TV shows.


Skype and FaceTime Sessions

Now we can coach you anywhere you are in the world! The Kramer Voice Company’s Private Singer / Public Speaker Coaching studio is now doing 50%-60% of our classes Via computer or mobile devise with the same results as in studio sessions, without the hassles of travel and traffic, or geographic location. 


Private Vocal Coaching

One on one private coaching with a truly revolutionary vocal coach. Receive a full evaluation, and have a personal plan created just for you. Learn all aspects of what it truly takes to reach and maintain peak performance.  Singer and Speaker development for the real world of business and the live arena. 


Proprietary Vocal Method

Our Proprietary vocal technique and method will strengthen your voice, build more colorful rich quality to your tone, and enhance projection to give your voice the performance you need to be at the top of your game.


Rockstar Presentation

Own the stage, and the room! Showmanship is a huge part of the job for a speaker. Delivery, phrasing, and dynamics, Rhythm, and relatability that will captivate your audience, and make your singing and speaking performances a slam dunk. 


Holistic Breathing Method

As a wind instrument the voice relies on proper airflow to achieve a consistent work flow in any given vocal application. The Kramer Voice company has developed an intensive Holistic breathing method that will ensure the results that you will need to do your job without running out of breath for a flawless run every time.


Our Facebook reviews say it all.

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Tammy Reinke Tappan
Tammy Reinke Tappan
Matt is Amazing! He is helping my daughter Carly discover Her Voice! Awesome and So Excited to be Working with Matt! �
Jozy Ramos
Jozy Ramos
Rick Savasten
Rick Savasten
I have known Matt for 25 years and was blessed to train with his mother Kay, It simply does not get any better than the Kramer Voice Company, Love ya brotha !
Melissa Burnos
Melissa Burnos
Keith Vitovich
Keith Vitovich
There are very few vocalist in today's musical climate you will have to go back 50 years to find another vocalist that can convey such emotion and passion along with a fantastic voice and for those who are looking for guidance and perfection you need to look no further than right here in South Florida our very own mr. Matt Kramer May It Be rock and roll or public speaking you will be in excellent hands !!!
Pat Gibbs
Pat Gibbs
Matt is a excellent voice coach with years of experience and a wonderful voice himself.
Adam Wesley
Adam Wesley
Sharon Moses-Solano
Sharon Moses-Solano
Matt is a amazing artist.He is a amazing Voice Coach,I am honored to be his friend.Matt takes his work,and love for music and his students seriously,and if I could give him 10 �,well deserved �
Jersey Pozzi
Jersey Pozzi
No, i have not been there physically myself, but based on Matt's voice skills, i proudly gave him them five stars
Patrick Bartholomé
Patrick Bartholomé
matt is a fantastic rock star!
Beth McGrath
Beth McGrath
Scott Kaminsky
Scott Kaminsky
Owner operator is the best at what he does if you have a chance he is the one
Hunter Stack
Hunter Stack
Nancy Mlotkowski
Nancy Mlotkowski
Matt Kramer is not only an amazing coach, but also a phenomenal human being. He's knowledgeable, patient, kind, and gives actionable feedback. He explains WHY his method works, so you understand what's happening in your body. It's far more than just mimicking and doing some scales. Can't say enough good things about Matt.
Sam Jochananov
Sam Jochananov
Shelley Carter
Shelley Carter
Scotty Migone
Scotty Migone
Matt Kramer is an Awesome Vocalist and Super Teacher, what a difference it makes learning from an experienced live performer as well.
Robbie Gennet
Robbie Gennet
Taking voice lessons from Matt Kramer changed my life! Matt's unique take on vocalizing has transformed my ability to sing and resonate. He gets results and that is what counts. Best decision I ever made!
Anthony Justice
Anthony Justice
Matt is the best and that's exactly what he provides. A true professional!!
JB Glossinger
JB Glossinger
Love Matt and this company - they have helped me tremendously in my speaking career. I have had the honor of working with Matt personally and it has been an amazing experience. It is not always just about the voice, and that is where Matt and his company succeed. They understand it is also about the words and the importance of them. As a speaker, this has transformed my business. If I could give more then 5 stars I would.
Building speakers from the Ground Up

Our Proprietary Vocal Mechanics are second to none in performance results Building a better more powerful voice, that projects colorful rich melodic tone, along with the stamina to go through the end and come back strong for the encore day after day.  

Public Speaking Coach

To be a great speaker, you need a great voice. Whatever your starting point, we can help you develop the kind of speaking voice that makes people listen, feel, and remember. The Kramer Voice Company works with Public and Keynote speakers, business professionals and anyone who is interested in harnessing the power of your voice to move your audience. The Kramer Voice Company’s Public Speaker Coaching has a foundation comprised of Matt Kramer’s successful entertainment industry background, and the no less than ground breaking Master Vocal Coach that defines vocal mechanics, and Speaker Presentation at its best.


"Propel to Your Goals with Strategy"

Train Like a Professional

Train like a professional with a professional who has captivated audiences both live and on video for decades. Matt Kramer’s experience getting his vocal coaching clients where they need to go at the real-world pace the industry demands.


Stage Fright?

A recent poll asked people what the were more afraid of between public Speaking / Singing and the fear of death. Turned out it wasn’t death that they were more afraid of. Have stage fright issues?  We have helped thousands of clients with just that!


Vocal Rehabilitation

Many clients come to us with injured voices that have been damaged due to a variety of factors. If your voice has been injured due to improper speaking technique, Hoarseness, speech impediments, slurred speech from a stroke or other ailments, we can help reverse the damage and repair your voice.


Expert Industry Advice

The experience of having a veteran insider in the Entertainment industry, can shave years off of you reaching your goals. This is one of the many reasons why our professional roster is growing every day.


Speaker Development

If you’re a recording artist, Voice Actor, or Public Speaker, we can help you find YOUR voice, and Rockstar presentation. We have helped thousands of our clients build the tools they needed to become a real contender. We can help you too.


Executive Speech Coach

If you’re business has reached a level that your voice is an asset to your company, it would behoove you to get a serious coach. Start now on making that voice the asset your company deserves.


Voice Acting Coach

If you are a voice actor, you know how highly competitive this business is. 

To be a great speaker, you need a great voice. Whatever your starting point, we can help you develop the kind of speaking voice that makes people listen, feel, and remember.

We work with top Celebrity Voice Actors in their field on a variety of techniques to improve their delivery and help them put their best voice forward. We also work with studios and production houses to help them develop their talent. From breathing, phrasing, copy interpretation, vocal tonality, character voices, to production, our students tell us that we help improve their odds, winning more auditions and increasing client (and studio) satisfaction. Within one session, most talent sees a marked improvement in their technique. Matt has decades of experience talking voice over talent of all parts of the field including TV / Media / News Celebrities, Major Movie Voice Actors, Pro Athletes and Teams, Stage Actors, Character Switching Audiobook Narration, Commercials, Celebrity Chefs, Top Podcasters, Radio Personalities, Prominent Life Coaches, and anyone who is interested in harnessing the power of your voice to move your audience.

Celebrity Vocal Coach

Matt Kramer is a globally renowned singer, songwriter, recording artist, performer and Celebrity Vocal Coach. Using proprietary techniques honed both growing up in a vocal coaching studio, and during a career in the public eye, Matt can help any Singer or Speaker find their inner Rockstar Speaker.  From developing a stage presence, to creating an engaging and memorable voice, Matt’s tools help speakers perform in ways that are authentic, powerful and true to their voices and values.

(Matt Kramer Coaching Miami Dolphins for Super Bowl Commercial)

Vocal Rehabilitation

Whether you’ve damaged your vocal chords or have suffered a stroke and lost your ability to speak, we can help you restore your voice. We customize our approach to your specific needs, employing a variety of techniques that typically involve breathing, visualization, meditation, body awareness and muscle control and lastly, your vocal tone. Importantly, we show you how you can avoid future damage that can come from the misuse or overuse of your voice.

Our Clients Include

What Clients Say

Otto Waalkes is one of the most well-known and established celebrities in Germany, and loved all over Europe as a Comedian, Major Film Actor, Musician, and most recently the voice of Sid in “Ice Age”, Aladdin among other mega HIT movies.



Please contact us to inquire about our hourly rates, and discounted lesson packages for big long term savings.

*We regret that with our current waiting list, we do not do free consultations.

*Our first class is a 2 hour full vocal, and performance evaluation at full hourly rate, which can then be pro-rated into one of our multi lesson block savings packages after the first class. 

*All further classes are one hour in length.

“Ask Now About Professional Speech Consulting for your company.”

Record the Best Vocal of Your Career.

One on one private coaching with a truly revolutionary vocal coach. Receive a full evaluation, and have a personal plan created just for you. Learn all aspects of what it truly takes to reach and maintain peak performance.  Speaker development for the real world of business and the live arena!

(Our studio is for clients only thank you)

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Our professional vocal studio is located in South Florida, conveniently on the border between Dade and Broward Counties, near the Aventura area, while our clients range across the globe, we also regularly train clients on a national and international platform via Skype and Face time. 

Since we may be in a session when you call, our preferred and fastest method of contact is via email. Thank you for stopping by!

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