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The Importance of Knowing Your Vocal Strengths

The Importance of Knowing Your Vocal Strengths (and Weaknesses) Understanding your strengths and weaknesses as a singer is crucial for your development and success. This self-awareness allows you to hone your craft, make informed choices, and ultimately become a more...

Vocal Microphone Choice

Vocal Microphone Choice   Choosing the right vocal microphone is crucial for achieving the best sound quality and performance experience. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a microphone for vocals: Microphone Type Dynamic Microphones:  Ideal for...

Why Hire a Vocal Coach

Why Hire a Vocal Coach: Unlock Your Full Potential Hiring a vocal coach can be highly beneficial for singers of all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Here are several reasons why you might consider hiring a vocal coach:   1. Develop Proper...

The Voice / American Idol or Any Singing Audition: Top 10 DO’s

The Voice/American Idol or Any Singing Audition:  Top 10 DO’s   Plan ahead. If singing is what you want, don’t just react when there’s an audition.  Be proactive and start working on your voice now, so when a show like The Voice or American Idol comes to town,...

Audition Coming Up?

Preparing for a TV show? College Audition? Political Debate?  We have prepared hundreds of our clients helped sharpen their edge for stellar auditions. for college Auditions leading to scholorships and Top Finalists on Network TV


Skype and Facetime Sessions

Now we can coach you anywhere you are in the world! The Kramer Voice Company’s Public Speaker Coaching studio is now doing 50%-60% of our classes over a computer or wireless devises getting the same result as an in studio session without the hassle of travel and traffic, or geographic location. 


Private Vocal Coaching

One on one private coaching with a truly revolutionary vocal coach. Receive a full evaluation, and have a personal plan created just for you. Learn all aspects of what it truly takes to reach and maintain peak performance.  Singer and Speaker development for the real world of business and the live arena. 


Proprietary Vocal Method

Our Proprietary vocal technique and method will stregnthen your voice, build more colorful rich quality to your tone, and enhance projection to give your voice the performance you need to be at the top of your game.


Rockstar Presentation

Own the stage, and the room! Showmanship is a huge part of the job for a speaker. Delivery, phrasing, and dynamics, Rhythm, and relatability that will captivate your audience, and make your singing and speaking performances a slam dunk. 


Holistic Breathing Method

As a wind instrument the voice relies on proper airflow to achieve a consistent work flow in any given vocal application. The Kramer Voice company has developed an intensive Holistic breathing method that will ensure the results that you will need to do your job without running out of breath for a flawless run every time.


Train Like a Professional

Train like a professional with a professional who has captivated audiences both live and on video for decades. Matt Kramer’s experience getting his vocal coaching clients where they need to go at the real world pace the industry demands.


Stage Fright?

A recent poll asked people what the were more afraid of between public Speaking / Singing and the fear of death. Turned out it wasn’t death that they were more afraid of. Have stagefright issues?  We have helped thousands of clients with just that!


Vocal Rehabilitation

Many clients come to us with injured voices that have been damaged due to a variety of factors. If your voice has been injured due to improper speaking technique, Hoarseness, speech impediments, slurred speech from a stroke or other ailments, we can help reverse the damage and repair your voice.


Expert Industry Advice

The experience of having a veteran insider in the Entertainment industry, can shave years off of you reaching your goals. This is one of the many reasons why our professional roster is growing everyday.


Artist and Speaker Development

If you’re a recording artist, Voice Actor, or Public Speaker, we can help you find YOUR voice, and Rockstar presentation. We  have helped thousands of our clients build the tools they needed to become a contender. We can help you too.


Executive Speech Coach

If you’re business has reached a level that your voice is an asset to your company, it would behoove you to get a serious coach. Start now on making that voice the assest your company deserves.


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