To be a great speaker, you need a great voice. Whatever your starting point, we can help you develop the kind of speaking voice that makes people listen, feel, and remember. The Kramer Voice Company works with voice actors, film and stage actors, life coaches, public speakers, business professionals and anyone who is interested in harnessing the power of your voice to move your audience.

Voiceovers – If you are a voice actor, you know how highly competitive this business is. We work with voice actors on a variety of techniques to improve their delivery and help them put their best voice forward. We also work with studios and production houses to help them develop their talent. From breathing, phrasing, copy interpretation, vocal tonality, character voices, to production, our students tell us that we help improve their odds, winning more auditions and increasing client (and studio) satisfaction. Within one session, most talent sees a marked improvement in their technique.

When scheduling appointments, if you need to record, please allow enough time to ensure that we get your very best takes and can edit a final comp for you. We suggest that you provide us with the audition or job specs and copy before scheduling your appointment, if possible, to help ensure that we book the amount of studio time you will need.