Speech Coach

Matt Kramer Speech CoachPublic speaking – Your speaking voice conveys as much about you as do your words. Your confidence, your humor, your emotion, and your ability to maintain an audience’s attention depend not only on your content, but also on your delivery. In fact, a powerful and/or beautiful speaking voice can have tremendous influence on the people who hear it.

We work with executives, salespeople, lecturers, and anyone who wants to maximize the impact of their speech and the power of their message. From accent modification, proper intonation, cadence, clear enunciation, breathing, and getting your voice to carry, we can help you control your voice and the effect it has on your audience. We can also help you with your stage presence.

Voice rehabilitation – Whether you’ve damaged your vocal chords or have suffered a stroke and lost your ability to speak, we can help you restore your voice. We customize our approach to your specific needs, employing a variety of techniques that typically involve breathing, visualization, meditation, body awareness and muscle control and lastly, your vocal tone. Importantly, we show you how you can avoid future damage that can come from the misuse or overuse of your voice.