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About Matt Kramer

Master Vocal Coach Matt Kramer is a second generation voice coach and platinum selling artist who has been immersed in the music world his entire life, having grown up in an opera school under the tutelage of  his mother, Kay Kramer, a renowned opera singer and highly sought-after voice teacher.

Matt is the original lead singer of the platinum act ‘Saigon Kick,’ under Atlantic Records, in which he achieved a Top 10 Billboard hit and a #1 MTV music video for the smash hit “Love is on the Way.” Matt has worked in-depth for years with many of the top artists and executives in the music industry, not only as a vocalist, but as a music producer and sound engineer. In addition, he has led an illustrious career as a vocal coach and singing teacher for many top industry clients. Matt has toured the world numerous times with such as artists as Ozzy Ozbourne, The Ramones, Cheap Trick, Extreme, Kings X, Ratt and Skid Row.  Matt’s career has garnered him a unique wealth of insider knowledge, experience and industry relationships that only a handful of vocal coaches in the world can boast.

Matt is also known for having developed a uniquely innovative vocal training technique and effortless singing method that continues to draw established, new and emerging artists alike to the Kramer Voice Company to join his roster of clients, which includes prestigious companies like Sony, Atlantic, MCA, Universal, Guthy-Renker, and the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

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Learn how to improve every aspect of your vocal ability from one of the world’s top and most innovative vocal coaches.  We offer private one on one training, under the direction of platinum selling artist and master vocal coach Matt Kramer. 

Matt is the  lead singer of the group ‘Saigon Kick,’ signed to  Atlantic Records.  He has achieved a Top 10 Billboard hit on the pop charts,  a #1 MTV music video with the song “Love is on the Way”, and has toured the world many times over with some of the largest names ever in the music business.   He has the decades of professional coaching and and his own proprietary vocal mechanics to improve every aspect of developing your voice as an artist, public speaker, or any other type of sector of the voice market.

Matt’s ongoing professional career in the entertainment industry, gives his clients decades of experience to mentor them as they grow by giving solid advice from studio to live performance and what it takes to sustain performance.

Matt Kramer grew up in a music school under the tutelage of his mom master vocal coach Kay Kramer, and later professionally worked in-depth for years with many of the top recording artists and executives in the industry, not only as a vocalist and vocal coach, but as a producer and engineer, garnering a unique wealth of insider knowledge, experience and industry relationships that only a handful of vocal coaches in the world can boast or have a point of view on when discussing game strategy.  

Matt’s innovative concept of the voice, and detailed explanation of the how the vocal instrument truly works is nothing short of ground breaking in the field. This paired with his decades of professional coaching optimizes vocal performance to achieve results that thousands of singers had never imagined, much less doing so easily and powerfully with ultimate control. 

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Vocal Coaching

Matt Kramer’s life long experience in the field and intense drive to understand the inner workings of the entire instrument has led him to develop a vocal technique so accurately explained that it  has led to his vocal services being in such high demand and often available via waiting list only.  

Results to expect after just a few lessons include – dramatically increasing your range while easing right through trouble spots – producing a fatter, more colorful overall tone quality to your voice, ultra responsive vocal power and strength to deliver extreme and subtle dynamics all while maximizing your performance and stamina with the most efficiency you’ve ever experienced. Learn how to fully understand the voice  with a transparent view of the whole body as the instrument. Increase your breath control, refine song delivery and interpretation, studio and live performance skills, microphone technique, stage presence Etc.

We provide the most innovative coaching for public speaking and voice over artists  to maximize their game and get them ready for big business.

In addition to singing lessons, The Kramer Voice Company offers voice training to rehabilitate damaged voices caused by improper singing technique, speech impediments, strokes and other ailments. * Injured Voice and speech therapy

We offer professional, private singing lessons, artist development, 

Our professional vocal studio is located in South Florida, conveniently on the border between Dade and Broward Counties, near the Aventura area, while our clients range across the globe, we also regularly train clients on a national and international platform via Skype and Face time.


* Yoga Breathing / holistic method

* Singing in foreign languages

*  Skype and Face time lessons wordwide


Apply now and see first-hand why our roster continues to grow with both established and emerging artists.
*Note – Matt Kramer’s coaching may only be available via waiting list.


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